Are you getting paid for promoting your favorite brand?


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If you buy name brand clothes and products, more than likely you’re covered in logos. From your Versace shirt, to your Nalgene water bottle, to your Nike shoes, consumers are walking billboards advertising the brands they buy. Others see you and think “Hey, that looks pretty cool, maybe I’ll buy a Nalgene bottle.”

This isn’t right or wrong, but it is reality. We as consumers advertise the brands we buy. Be it through word of mouth, or huge logos on our purchases. We help companies sell products. How much, as consumers, are we getting paid for this? Nothing. But that’s ok. That’s the way it is.

So, imagine my intrigue when I read about Snap My Ad. It was developer by a couple who realized that when they use instagram and say good things about a company, they’re basically making an ad for the brand.

Take a photo. Say a good thing. Cha-ching. Take a photo. Say…

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How to Write an Effective Brand Positioning Statement


Brand Positioning statements provide the most useful function of taking everything you know about your brand, everything that could be said about the consumer and making choices about what one target that you’ll serve and one brand promise you will stand behind.  

The key is to find a unique selling proposition for your brand.  And yes, it has to be unique, but it may or may not have to be functionally unique.   Read the rest of this entry

Hashtags On Facebook: Implications For You And Your Brand


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With Facebook finally having forced to follow Twitter and Instagram and having had to onboard hashtags, there has to be implications. Here are 4 most important ones for you and your brand

1. What’s Trending: What is most important for a marketer on a social media platform. It is to know what’s making the most noise and is being followed frantically. Twitter and Google are two platforms which clearly show what’s trending because these are easily captured via Hashtags. With FB now bringing Hash, it would soon make people know what’s trending on FB which is nowhere in sight currently. Imagine with the number of folks on FB how crucial this will be for brands and for common folks.

2. Increase in Exposure: Till now what you posted on facebook was limited to the number of fans you had and constantly added. Now everything that you post on the platform with a relevant and appropriate hashtag is visible to everyone who is looking for something close to that. Imagine you are a photographer and with each photo with a relevant hashtag you will be connected to folks who would be looking for services in the domain you cater to. With the kind of numbers and engagement that Facebook see’s you are in with a business once you work with good relevance.

3. Customizing your Hashtags: So you thought this will increase spam, not really. Facebook will allow you to filter and search for hashtagged comments within your social circle as well. So if you want to know what your network is saying about a get-together that you have planned, you can just filter it down to your network, thus avoiding spam that is unwanted information.Extrapolate this and imagine the same for a brand, how relevant isn’t it?

4. Massive Advertising Reach: The reach of advertising will increase massively through hashes. Imagine Tata Nano launching a new car with some feature that is worth talking. They push the ad on Facebook with a

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29 Ways to Stay Creative


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The need to create a simple and educational tool that will help inspire people or motivate them to explore their creativity brought to the forefront. The “29 Ways To Stay Creative” infographic illustrates the creative process and methods to keep a person moving forward and motivated to keep doing more. This humble piece of work is repurposed from various online sources and experts to whom we show our gratitude for their contributions.

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Infographic: The Importance Of Visual Communication


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Infographics are gaining in popularity and is it any wonder why? Great for generating brand or message awareness, these share-worthy marketing pieces catch the eye and engage the audience. As our attention spans get shorter, infographics chunk information into bite size pieces perfect for quick consumption of main concepts. Check out our infographic on why visual communication has become so important to getting your message across:


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The Slender Vender


The Slender Vender via Geaux Creative

Oglivy Paris teamed up with Coca-Cola to produce a vending machine that would better market their product. I think it’s genius! It’s known as “The Slender Vender” and it is a very thin vending machine that was placed all over Paris to raise awareness about Diet Coke’s lack of calories. I think it was a creative way to market the product and am impressed with the campaign.

Wanelo and YOU via New Media & You


Wanelo and YOU via New Media & You

Have you or anyone you know said “I found this cool shirt on Pinterest, but I have no idea where to find it!” Well, yeah that’s probably Pinterest’s biggest weakness in a nutshell – people don’t know where to buy what’s on the post or if it’s even for sale. Pinterest is awesome in generating buzz about your business. But Wanelo (which comes from the line WAnt, NEed, LOve) takes it one step further and makes it so users can buy your product online. It turns the idea of Pinterest directly into a revenue model.

Before we go any further, it’s important to know that Wanelo doesn’t help sell everything – it does have a strong focus on monstly fashion and clothing. Keep that in mind if you’re considering using Wanelo to help with online sales. Yahoo! best describes the typical Wanelo user to be 14-30 years old, a woman, and a bit of a hipster.

So why use Wanelo? Why not just sell through your online store alone or use Facebook? Well just think of how Pinterest works – it’s fantastic for browsing…and discovery. It can boost your sales in a way normal e-commerce can’t:

It is quite different from normal e-commerce Internet shopping; it is much more like virtual window shopping. Rather, discovery commerce is much like browsing through a magazine catalog and discovering things that you didn’t realize you wanted to buy until you saw them, hence, “discovered” them. Education PR

To fully understand what Wanelo is, visit their “About” page. Here are some tips on how to use Wanelo to boost your online sales:

Wanelo Tips

    1. Use “Save” Buttons
      If you use Wanelo’s “Save It” buttons on your Wanelos product pages, it helps increase its popularity. The button is a lot like Pinterest’s “Pins.” (Wanelo)
    1. Keep Product Pages Up
      Even if the product is sold out or no longer being made, keep the page up. Have a friendly message directing the user to another similar item or simply that the item is out. This will help keep the traffic heading your way and boost sales of other products.
    1. #Hashtag #With #Meaning #And #Creativity
      If you’re getting sick of us talking about hashtags, blame Twitter. But how else are people going to find your stuff? When you post a product, use meaningful hashtags that people would use to search for your item. You can also @tag other people based on their Wanelo username – great way to network.
    1. Be Creative and Fun
      The social media platforms we’ve talked about in the past weeks all have a strong sense of creativity to them. Wanelo is the same. Use fun (but meaningful) hashtags, display fun products or display the product in a cool way. Maybe Wanelo will help you spice up the products themselves!

Go More In Depth

Here’s a video from Tech Crunch that gives a good overview of Wanelo and how you can make it work for your business online.