Spotify partners with Coke to expand international reach



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Originally posted on Gigaom:

Spotify unveiled a global partnership with Coca Cola (s ko) Wednesday that it says will greatly expand its international reach and exposure, giving it a boost similar to the way its Facebook integration has supercharged sign-ups and usage. Under the deal, Coca Cola will use Spotify to help power its international music campaigns, giving Coke fans a way to experience new content and music created and curated by the beverage company. Spotify, however, had no new information on an eagerly awaited iPad (s AAPL) app.

The initial signs of partnership will be a Coca Cola branded app that will appear on Spotify’s desktop app, and content from that app will also appear on Coke’s Facebook page. The app was selected from a hackathon this past weekend and will be ready in time for the Summer Olympics. Coca Cola will also utilize Spotify as part of a global music campaign…

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